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Welcome to Craft Formula LTD!

Craft Formula - is a young company aimed at creation of media: the Magazine, Exhibition (To load the conditions of participation...) , Web-site, Study centre for very enthusiastic people in craft field (as well for ultimate consumer as for the professional audience).


The main task: The satisfaction of woman audience in self-realization as the creative person by offering them intellectual services: - knowledge from the magazine - master-classes by high-educated teachers and the Craft Formula staff - organization and the presentation of the communication platform for people involved in craft industry- exhibition


Our mission: If you share your knowledge with other people you will become richer in health, knowledge, success in your life!


Team: Our team consist of very enthusiastic people . We believe in our experience (the whole length of service and the ties with craft industry more than 100 years for everybody) and the huge potential which allows and offers new possibilities for future developing and victories!


Our presentation

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